OldTown 2118 -Blingier than ever

Every summer for last four years I’ve been headin to western Poland, Stargard to live very different life I usually do.  At OldTown Festival you can re-create yourself to any kind of character and enjoy the post-apocalyptic atmosphere with other participants. This international event gathers over thousand lost souls to an old Soviet airport to create the biggest post-apocalyptic event at Europe.

I lead the legendary Gasthouse, the first ’n bestest tavern in OldTown. We started as a finnish group, but soon get international friends & members. Now we got crew from Finland, Poland, Germany, Netherlands & all around. After a modest start, we’ve been expanded the tavern little by little every year and also created events for the citizens. Gasthouse 2118 held two luxury suites, private quarters, cabinet & dormitory. We also got a catwalk for performances, a fireplace at the courtyard and a tent for our personnel.

During last two years we got some other Finnish groups at our area too. Our neighbours from last year -Chosen of Lemminkäinen- has been very important partner for Gasthouse. We have helped each other in construction and also during the whole event. For this summer we got another neighbour, Bunny Squad. All in all, we like to call our part of the city FinTown. Let’s see how we created the whole mess!

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OldTown 2017: There and back

This was my third time at OldTown Festival, the biggest post-apocalyptic event in Europe. The event has made a huge impact on me, my friends and some thousand other people. It’s a rustic festival that holds bands, workshops, competitons, art and as a crown jewel; a 72 hour live action role play.

This will be a tale of design and creation of our FinTown at Downtown district, building a tavern on abandoned airfield and the OldTown 2017 event itself. Lot’s of pics and videos, not much bullshit.

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Snow Sculpting Tools

Last spring I made a bunch of snow sculpting tools back in Artsa’s legendary workshop, Vihti. This was a last chance to use this possibility, cause now the beloved smithy has taken it’s last coaly breaths. I did have a quite of collection of tools before, but it’s nice to give your friends and associates some decent equipment too!


I’ve been making sculpting tools since 2007, and mostly for a foreseen purpose. This time I just created a pile of general carving and finishing tools for who- or whatever.

Have to admit, that I took couple for myself and Ragnarøk too. With these we should manage the most of the next season’s tasks, at least with snow sculpting.

Ice on the other hand is a whole different matter. It’s hard and cracks easily, so I need to get some other tools for the ice carvings. Fortunately I know a lot of blacksmiths that can do magic with tool steel and some other alien metals that are not for us mortals to craft.

Some pics read more, making of-video over here



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Arctic Art Tour 2017



I’ve just survived the Ikitalvi sculpting union’s winter party, were we planned a bit the next season And have some fun. Next step is to start the carvings! This winter will not bring any epic trips around the globe, but many, many other events and activities here in Finland.

My calendar has now some freezing stuff for every weekend from here to the end of march. This snow madness takes most of my time during the winter, because travelling, maintenance and communications takes a lot of time before and after the events.

I’ll be organizing some events with Ikitalvi, sculpting with our awesome team Ragnarøk and representing my solo arts as a champion of Sealand. I need to work for three different masters now, but luckily -and with hard work- there’s plenty of stuff to do and just enough time to do it.

This winter will be the shit!


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Tilinpäätös ja sielunmessu 2016

Kulunut vuosi 2016 on ollut todella kaksijakoinen; silkkaa paskaa ja hiukan parhautta.

Monet hienot ihmiset, tapahtumat ja projektit ovat kukittaneet muutoin hiton vaikeaa vuotta. Osittain syynä saattaa olla edellisvuosi, joka antoi ihmetystä, kokemusta ja menestystä oikein olan takaa. Lihavaa paavia kun yleensä seuraa se laiha paavi. Saakelin paavit.


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